When you have an ink stained banknote, it’s important to use the identification process set out below to find out the banknote origin and link it to a suspected robbery. If it includes CrimeTag it will assist in securing convictions.


How to use the identification process


Simply follow the 5 steps below:


1. Send an ink sample or section of stained banknote to:


Sally Anne Cooper
CrimeTag Test Facility
Minton, Treharne & Davies Ltd
Longwood Drive
CF14 7HY


2. The Test Facility informs the sender how much the analysis and Witness Statement production will cost. Once agreed, the received sample is identified using a DNA sequencing machine.


3. The Test Facility identifies the CrimeTag serial number and barcode, sending them to Secure Innovation.


4. Secure Innovation compare the barcode serial number with their programming database and identify the product, ink reference, client and date of shipping.


5. A witness statement is supplied to the sender of the CrimeTag sample. View a CrimeTag Witness Statement Example here.